When Rescuers Found This Pup, They Never Expected This To Happen

Posted on Nov 25 2016 - 11:35am by Jared Owen
* Jared Owen for Animals,OMG November 25, 2016

When people act selflessly and give unconditional love to those (in need) something fantastic happens… and this story is a testament thereof.

In rural North Carolina, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) volunteers were giving out food, and other essentials to a neglected dog. They showed her kindness, played, and took photographs. After which, they left the site.

It was only what happened afterwards though, that’ll truly warm your heart.

1. Edith


Image Source

This is Edith, a black chow chow mix who was left abandoned in the back yard of someone’s home in the rural area of North Carolina. Here, she can be seen chained, alone, hungry, and scared. Her only shelter being an empty rubbish bin thrown on its side.

2. PETA Pictures


Image Source

After the PETA volunteers returned from visiting Edith, they showed their fellow volunteers the images that were taken that afternoon. It was clear that Edith was in dire need of some love and TLC.

3. Something Strange

It was while looking at the photos of Edith that PETA fieldworker, Jessica Cochran, felt an instant bond with Edith. After further investigation, it turned out that Jessica had actually met Edith before… several times, in fact.