They Found 2 Dogs In A Tar Pit Left To Die… Then Something Amazing Happened

Posted on Nov 25 2016 - 11:26am by Jared Owen
* Jared Owen for Animals,Life,OMG November 25, 2016

Hearing the cries of two puppies in the distance, a team of Airsoft players from Antofagasta, Chile who had geared up to play one afternoon found the puppies stranded in a tar pit, struggling for their lives.

Without a moment of hesitation, they immediately sprang into action to begin rescue efforts. Little did they know they would become heroes that day.


When these Airsoft players went towards some yelping cries, they quickly discovered two puppies that were submerged in a tar pit, distressed and fighting for air.


The puppies had been cruelly tossed in to the tar by some heartless soul. Thinking quickly the people tried to lasso them.


Due to the weight of the tar around their bodies as the people pulled the puppies yelped in pain as their necks were stretched.