Meet The Couple Who Have Figured Out How To Travel The World For Free

Posted on Sep 26 2016 - 11:57am by Sophie Brennan
* Sophie Brennan for Travelling September 26, 2016

Ever dreamt of ditching your day job, packing your bags and seeing the world? Most of us probably have, but being able to afford it is a whole different problem.

Well, this inspirational couple figured out a way to fulfil their travelling dreams without spending a penny – and now we can do that too.

Carolyn Plemmons and her boyfriend Bryan Harris have totally changed their lives from hectic 9-5 corporate jobs to free-spirited days seeing what the world has to offer. Five years on from the day they left their home in Virginia, their dream life is still going strong with them not returning since.

But how exactly are they doing it for free? Find out more about their exciting travelling adventure below.

1. Changing Their Lives

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Image Source

After spending years dreaming of their a worldwide travelling adventure, Carolyn and Bryan finally decided to take the plunge and make it happen when they had reached their late 20s.