20 Insanely Awesome Places You Must Add To Your Bucketlist

Posted on Sep 12 2016 - 10:35am by Jessica Lambert

There are so many places in this world to visit and only a lifetime to do them in. That, alongside the fact we actually have to fund these trips, makes choosing where to go a whole lot more difficult.

Whether you want to go on a month long road trip around America or explore deep into the Amazon rain forest, there really is something for everyone and nature has more than enough to offer.

These 21 destinations will make the perfect once-in-a-lifetime trips and we suggest that you put as many of them on to your bucket list as your wallet allows!

1.  Poda Island, Thailand

Longtail Boats on Poda Island

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This is one seriously stunning place that you must visit before you die. The serene location will easily get you back in touch with nature, and you won’t be able to resist a dip in the crystal clear waters. The best time to visit is over the Christmas period, so trade in warming up by the fire with island-hopping in the Krabi area to snorkel.