15 Reasons Why Iran Is Totally A Place Worth Visiting

Posted on Aug 30 2016 - 8:17am by scott kolp
* scott kolp for Travelling August 30, 2016

For many westerners, the idea of going on vacation in Iran sounds absurd on its face. And that’s a real problem, because Iran is home to one of the coolest and most exciting cultures on the planet. If you can bring yourself to look past politics, and instead to focus upon the day-to-day lives that people inside of Iran lead, you can begin to see why Iran might actually be worth a look. Below, you’ll find 15 more reasons why Iran is totally a place worth visiting.

1. Iranian Hospitality


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Don’t make the mistake of confusing Iran the country’s bellicosity with its locals. Like anywhere else, the people who actually live in Iran are much more than their country’s politics… And they’re quite friendly and hospitable!