15 Backpacking Essentials You Probably Didn’t Think Of

Posted on Aug 23 2016 - 3:00pm by Catherine Connolly
* Catherine Connolly for Travelling August 23, 2016

Clothes, check. Camera, check.  Money, check. What else could you possibly need?

Travelling and living out of a backpack is incredibly exciting, but also pretty nerve-wracking and it all starts with packing your bag.

Being limited in space, you have to be ruthless with what you take. You know the big things you need to take, but there are quite a few items you probably wouldn’t think of that could actually come in incredibly handy.

A Padlock

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It’s essential that you keep your belonging safe. A padlock with a combination rather than a key is recommended as there is nothing worse than locking things away and not being able to get them back because you’ve lost the key.