This Is The Highest Zipline In North America

Posted on Aug 18 2016 - 2:47pm by Abi Smith
* Abi Smith for Attractions August 18, 2016

For those of you who laugh in the face of danger and consider skydiving an everyday activity, this exhilarating attraction is definitely for you.

On the other hand if heights aren’t your forte – you might want to skip a ride on North America’s highest zipline.

The zip wire is situated in Royal Gorge Bridge & Park in Canyon City, Colorado and it is quickly becoming one of the country’s most-loved attractions. And it isn’t hard to see why.



Not only is it the tallest zipline for miles, it is also the longest – making it twice as exciting.

The ride, which has fittingly been named the Cloudscraper, dangles visitors a whopping 1,200 feet above the Arkansas River, which allows riders to take in the stunning surroundings from way up high.

Not to mention it gives adrenaline junkies a serious chance to calm their cravings for all things wild and dangerous.



However, if a ride in the sky isn’t your cup of tea then there is plenty more that can be enjoyed there.

Aside from the zipwire, the park promises the thrills and relative tranquility provided by gondola rides, a playland and an amble over the nearby bridge.

There is even a summer concert series of note for you visitors who like the peace that comes with live music.

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It is safe to say that while this attraction looks terrifying to some, the panoramic views and sense of freedom while you are thousands of feet in the air definitely makes the butterflies in the stomach worth it.

This isn’t the only nail biting zipwire that has caught our attention though – if you are looking for something a little closer to home then why not try out the UK’s Snowdonia attraction. It’s no Colorado but it definitely gives it a good run for its money.

Either way, if you are willing to ditch the sky dive and bungee jumps for something a little different then it is about time you braved the zip wire.

So, if you think that you can stomach a ride 1,200 feet in the air then get yourself on a plane to Colorado.