Everything You Need To Know About #Vanlife

Posted on Aug 16 2016 - 3:06pm by Catherine Connolly

Few of us would think of living in a small space with our significant other or friend where you’re fighting for room and can’t get away from the sound of the other person snoring as heaven.

But when you add in the detail that you’d be living in a van and travelling the world at the same time, it gets a little bit more appealing.

#Vanlife is something that has recently experienced a huge surge in popularity, with three quarters of a million images posted onto Instagram with the hashtag so far.

From the images, it isn’t hard to see why people have ditched the life they once had for this exciting new one.

1. Millennial’s Have Embraced #vanlife



It’s an affordable way of travelling the world – no flight cost, no hotel cost, just money for gas and food.