16 Travel Hacks Everyone With Wanderlust Must Know

Posted on Aug 10 2016 - 3:14pm by Jessica Lambert

Travelling can be a totally life changing experience and for most people, it’s something that changes them for the better and they never forget it.

However, sometimes, the trip of a lifetime can take a turn for the worse when you’re unprepared or not in the know… One way to avoid having a travelling experience from hell is to know your stuff!

How am I going to do that you ask. Well, that’s exactly why we’re here, to help navigate you through the murky waters of travelling to ensure you make it to that stunning, clear blue waterfall in Thailand!

1. Be ‘Appy


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With technology constantly evolving, there’s always a new app to try that will make your life ten times easier or more enjoyable. The same certainly applies when it comes to travelling. The resources are out there and now you don’t even need to try find them as the list is right here... and here.