15 Things To Do In London If You’re Staying Sober

Posted on Aug 5 2016 - 3:11pm by Jessica Lambert
* Jessica Lambert for Attractions August 5, 2016

Whilst going out and getting drunk is a pastime the majority of us enjoy, it’s certainly not something we want to do every time we get some welcome time off work.

Whilst alcohol seems like a great idea at the time, it’s not so fun the next day when we’re struggling to get out of bed and wasting your entire weekend away.

So, if you’re looking for something different but equally (if not more) fun, then you’ve found the right place!

1. Throw It Back At Ziferblat


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Located on Old street, this charming cafe is all you need to have a good night! It’s unusual in that it’s pay per minute (5p a minute, so £3 an hour) so you’ll probably find that after you’ve visited once, you’ll keep going back because you really an afford numerous trips a week!