These 17 Places In Brazil Are Far More Beautiful Than The Olympics

Posted on Aug 3 2016 - 3:35pm by Zoe Archer
* Zoe Archer for City Guides,Travelling August 3, 2016

With the Olympics just days away, all eyes are on Rio De Janeiro – so has there ever been a better time to consider a once in a life time trip to Brazil?

Beyond the sporting stadiums, Brazil has a lot more to offer with it’s natural wonders, idyllic beaches and quaint towns.

It’s a country full of colour and hope – just like it’s famous carnivals. Here are 19 of the most beautiful places you must visit.

Pelourinho, Salvador De Bahia

Pelourinho, Salvador De Bahia

Pelourinho is Salvador de Bahia’s historic centre and is home to some of the prettiest pastel colonial buildings.